Civics education as a right and some inaugural right hands.

Today we see what happens when you flip a turkey.

Today we get back on the horse.

Today we catch up with some old friends.

Today we remember Harry and Louise.

From blue capsules to troop ships.

Tap water quality by zip code, and a heartfelt plea.

The most egregious FOIA redactions, and Whitey on the Moon.

An agency tries to cover itself up.

Take the National Guard intelligence test, and a bit too much on the tales of Xenophon.

Board games for training the CIA, plus a nice map of where all the money goes.

Methods of execution nationally, and the signing of the ADA.

DOJ seized goods up for auction, the history of the Hatch Act, and a Tafty cameo

Smokin' in the girls room, and flash FBI games for the kidz!

The first American waterboarding, the best Secretaries of State.

The coolest state flags and country flags, the magic of William Kunstler.

The hardest states to vote in, and jujitsu-performing suffragettes.

Prison-manufactured office supplies, and a primer on Dred Scott.

Some fun stuff on the Inspector General, but really it's mostly a diatribe on the movie WarGames.

The raucous world of voting pre-secret-ballot, and take the Louisiana voting tests.

What is dark money, a history of Reagan's "welfare queen," and some historic poorhouses.

Dave Alcox's superhero constitutional pairings paired with Duverger's Law, also some notable third parties.

Episodes 89-90: Post-presidency, Lightning Round

Three executives out on the town, and the difference between the Cadeucus and the Rod of Asclepius.

A whole lot about the National Anthem, Key's attitude towards the enslaved, and what airports used to look like.

The toothpick rule for lobbyist food, and what presidents did for fun in the woods.

Christmas trees in the white house, fires in the living room, bunkers in the mountains.

Allies, perceived and real, and what defines "low income" where you live.

Biggest abusers of the flag, and what actually has been stolen from the National Archives.

Dogs biting postal workers, and a radio drama about Senator McCarthy.

Tinker, Kuhlmeier, and Native American lands in the US.

Unions in cinema, White House staff salaries, and how to start your own union. If you want.

Episodes 72-73: The Vice President, The 2nd Amendment

Veeps and Guns

See presidential Secret Service code names, and check out how free our freedom is.

Take a trip down the yellow brick road, and just read the Federalist Papers already.

We get a little scared reading Silent Spring, pull our collars at the EPA website, and learn how assembly can be curtailed.

Episodes 64-65: The Nuclear Codes Redux, The Secretary of Education

Who dropped the football, who left the biscuit at the drycleaners, who administered the polio vaccine.

Play a board game about eliminating disease, read about how many times the debt ceiling has been raised, and learn how malaria is referenced in cuneiform.

A brief note on the Federalism cakes, an Attorney General love story, and a Shakespeare quote for good measure.

A detailed report on what stops when the government shuts down, some pictures of census takers in far-flung lands, and an excuse to listen to Coolio.

The Vinson Court runs up against some problems with hateful speech, and a healthy dose of Harrison Ford.

There must be 50 ways to lose your security clearance. What happens when you get in the SCIF, and the hottest play about wealth inequality that was ever writ!

Wait, how many emergencies are we under now? And what does the interpretation of the Constitution have to do with horticulture?

Episodes 50-51: Voting Systems, Treason

There's more than one way to punch a chad or give comfort to an enemy. Learn about other systems home and abroad, and check out the last time someone was actually convicted of treason. Light or otherwise.

Official and unofficial rules and exceptions to the quest for the Executive, shooting down a sanction before it starts, Jury Duty stories, and more.

How you too can become a Foreign Service Officer, a lovely example of 16th century Lute Symbolism, and a sidelong peek at the Magna Carta.

A dizzying dive into more agencies than you ever knew existed, and some fun fast facts for throwing out at parties.

A handy mnemonic to learn your territories, some notable pardons, and the inevitable turkey mention.

Strong words from T-Jeff to the Danbury Baptists, a shout-out to Scooter Libby, and fun with the US Code.

The six times the 25th has been invoked and its far more frequent occurrence in fiction. Also, an etymological journey through the world of giving money for a vote.

How much time have you got? The Civics 101 team referred to this episode as "Who are we??" so there's a lot to go over.

Going from a trot to a Gallup, and some fun bar facts about presidents dying on our nation's holiday.

House whips, Senate whips, 3 line whips, Devo whips.

It's never a bad idea to learn more about the Federalist Papers, especially when we're learning about who keeps and eye on who.

Exceptions to the rules, some difficult constitutional interpretation, and a very important photo of a gavel.

Some links to the Federal Budget process, a glossary of budget terms, and wise words from our own Taylor Quimby.

New and old versions of the Schoolhouse Rock classic, and a some non-cartoon bill links just for kicks.

Hard a'larboard and scuttle the jib as you steer the Fiscal Ship! Also how you can just gift away our debt.

Episode 29: Political Speechwriting

Clips of the best ones in the business.

The 7 types of CMO, a list of 50 caucuses, and how to pick a kickin' caucus name.

All the way from Van Staphorst v. Maryland to Citizens United, and some shout-outs to other podcasters doing their thing and doing it well.

Some investigation into the Articles of Confederation, and a slight derivation into the naming of coffee milkshakes.

Desks, puppies, long boards, and a 1040 from 1913.

Vox gives a nice rundown on the CBO, a list of Senate investigations that goes back to 1859, and how investigations stay relatively bipartisan.

A link to the rules for the most coveted Parliamentarian job in the country, plus the shocking number of times the Electoral College was proposed to be altered.

Veto stats! Come and get em!! Who can boast the most bill toast? Certainly not Zachary Taylor. Also some wise words from Obama's Director of Scheduling and Advance.

Get your departments sorted, and try your own hand at redistricting. It is NOT easy.

What was really going on when Jimmy Stewart took the floor? Patton Oswalt? Also, the phone number to call the White House. As often as you like.

Every SoW ever delivered, also an explanation of the shiny thing on the podium during them. Plus, lots of links about the 'football'.

Our first reference to the Federalist Papers necessitates our first Hamilton callout, plus every single Senate impeachment trial.

Episodes 7-8: Executive Orders, Federal Courts

What has the President done for you lately?

An excellent article about why you should put down the mouse and pick up the phone, and a thorough investigation into the NSC.