About the podcast

Civics 101 was born from the brain trust behind Word of Mouth, a public radio program and podcast produced by New Hampshire Public Radio.


Virginia Prescott - Host

Virginia is our constitutional Virgil, escorting us through the nine circles of the beltway. Her goal is to wrestle expert guests back to a plane of collective understanding, asking "what does the Supreme Court do?" when they want to talk about the difference between alternative and peremptory mandamus.

ben gray.jpg

Ben Henry - Producer

You can't see it here, but Ben's sandwich consists of Rights and Responsibilities.


Hannah McCarthy - Producer

Hannah was discovered on Civics 101’s doorstep swaddled in a 13-star American flag with a copy of the Federalist Papers tucked into her baby basket. We raised her as our own and she has grown to be a producer on the show. Her kryptonite seems to be the Gettysburg Address spoken in reverse. Hannah brings a refined touch to the station by dressing exclusively in replicas of First Lady inaugural ball dresses, and is able to recite the constitutional amendments, verbatim, on command.


Jimmy Gutierrez - Producer

I wrote "Jimmy once toppled down the stairs of the White House" as a placeholder, but he says he wants to keep it like that. Jimmy hates bios, and he has no time for preciousness. While we're on the subject, he really does fall down flights of stairs without apparent injury, you should see it sometime. And while I'm here being pithy, he's over there editing a piece on the history of welfare in the US. "Get to work!" Jimmy cries.


Justine Paradis - Producer

When creating episodes, Justine leans more towards a Data model and less towards a Riker model. She grew up hearing political oration in the Nantucket Antheneum, and brings her unique rhetoric to each interview.


Maureen McMurray - Head of Content Development

Maureen has a title.


Nick Capodice - Education Producer

Nick thinks nothing gets kids more interested in Civics than performing the entire libretto of 1776, the musical about our Founding Fathers singing and dancing their way towards the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 


Taylor Quimby - Senior Producer

When Taylor last threw a Pokeball, James Madison came out. He used 'Federalize'. It was very effective! As Senior Producer of Civics 101, Taylor frequently rants about the importance of starting each episode with the question, "What is ____?"